Don’t worry, Brakkila, the waiting is almost over.

Next page, the fighting commences.

Expect a lot of dead goblins, and more 😉


Now, a little thing I need to mention : comments and conversation are of course very much welcome, so if you have something to share, constructive criticism or just wanna chat, feel free to post a comment.

However, I request that comments posted are about the comic. I had to reject a comment the other day because while it seemed like a “real” person posting it, all it contained was a reference to another comic.


I don’t mind links to other comics, but the main focus of the comment should be on this present comic, not the one you link 😉

Links in your name or avatar are of course perfectly fine.


While we’re at it, religious and political discussion will also be removed. This is just not the place for it, and it tends to turn into flame wars.


That’s it. Other than that, please speak freely 😉


EDIT : It would appear that a typo made it into the page. My apologies. Enjoy a typo-free page!