It had been a while since I had the chance to draw a full background, so I treated myself with the first panel.  Not exactly a scenery background, but a top-down view of the Happy Mug Inn was fun enough to draw 🙂


I’ve changed the working resolution – I now work in a much larger resolution than I did before, which makes it easier to draw details, but I was concerned the font size wouldn’t translate well when I resized the final page. Turns out, Manga Studio is smarter than I gave it credit for and I only needed to increase the bubble line size a bit.  Now if I can just manage my time a bit better, I might be able to draw much more detailed pages.  Here’s hoping 🙂

EDIT : Fixed the dialogue a bit, I was on a rush when I did it and there were a couple of mistakes and parts that didn’t sound right to me 🙂