Have a comic!

Took a bit longer to upload it than expected because I realized at the last minute that the inking colour was wrong (it was faded for whatever reason), so I had to redo my inking with good old-fashioned black.

Page 50 no less. It’s not a particularly impressive number to reach, but it’s still a nice round number of pages, and I’m happy we reached it, even if it took MUCH longer to reach it than I expected it would take when I first started this project.


Still, I’ll go ahead and give myself a small pat on the shoulder and hope the next 50 go much more smoothly ­čÖé


Also, background! It’s just a room, but it’s nice to be able to spend some time making more detailed backgrounds again (more detailed than a flat colour, anyway). That was (still is) a guilty pleasure of mine back when I had a buffer. ┬áThere will be more, I promise you.


That’s it from me this week, so onward to pages 51-100!