Have a comic!


As it’s the first page I made from scratch since coming back from hiatus (Page 59 was already drafted from back in November), I was a bit rusty, but at the same time, I took the opportunity to experiment a bit, particularly with Eyldram’s face. I like the result, in the last panel in particular where his cheekbone and chin are better defined. What do you guys think?

There are also a few discrepancies, such as the direction of the light affecting the watchmen (though it makes more sense now) and the beard of the second watchman. I’ll fix them on Page 59 at some point.

Despite the discrepancies from Page 59, though, I think this is one of my better pages.


The butt-kicking resumes Friday 🙂


EDIT : I’m aware that there are some artefacts along the line art in panel 3. I will fix that ASAP. Sorry about that. – Fixed ^^