New Page!


I think the muscle mass of the whole comic just doubled with that last panel. @_@


In other news, the comic now has a store! It can be found here.

There’s not much on there yet (or anything, depending on how early you read this) but I’m in the process of populating it, so check back often! I will of course put up a proper Store button and let you guys know when I put something cool for sale 😉


That’s it for me 🙂 See you next week!


EDIT : Store works fine now, so you can use the link above to see what’s available 🙂

UPDATE 29-03 : Page 73 is taking longer to make than expected and I want to give it all the love it deserves, so rather than rush it out in order to get started on the next page, I will post Page 73 Monday instead.

UPDATE June 1st: Couple of things :

1. There’s a new vote incentive up featuring Eyldram enjoying the nice June weather 🙂 A new proper comic page will be up Monday

2. I set up Disqus but it doesn’t seem to work on the front page, so that’s why previous comments aren’t visible. Simply click the “Comment” link at the bottom of the post and you’ll be taken to the actual page’s permalink and the comments will be there 🙂