The harvest festival continues!


We’re also seeing one of the races that live in the world of Heroes (or Not) for the first time : Dark Elves 😀


In other news, in case you missed it before, Disqus is now fully integrated into the site. To comment or view the comments posted on the current page, simply click the “Comment” link at the bottom right of this blog post. Comments are automatically accessible on older pages.


I decided to switch to Disqus because it’s used by a ton of webcomics which makes it far less of a hassle to comment and follow replies on multiples sites both for you and for me 😉 So you now have even fewer reasons to be strangers!


UPDATE :  I just noticed that the Comment link is not there. Fail me. I’ll fix that when I get home.


Update 2.0 :  Fixed!  And all signs point towards the conclusion that I’m an idiot (I had turned comments off for no reason) .  :I


That is all for now – See you next week!