Happy New Year everyone!


I didn’t get to make a New Year’s Day post last year, so I wanted to make one this time, though I would have liked it to be accompanied by a picture and possibly a new page, but it wasn’t meant to be.


The comic is still on hiatus, mainly due to an unforgiving work schedule as well as real-life in general. I know it’s a recurring theme, so I apologize for that. Sadly, real life and whatever activity allows me to pay my bills does have priority over the comic, but I hope to be able to resume drawing soon.


In the meantime, rest assured I have not forgotten about you or this comic and I’ll be back in early 2016 for sure.


Thank you everyone for your patience and for reading the comic 🙂


In other news, Star Wars Ep. VII : The Force Awakens is awesome. If I did have time to draw a picture, it would have been a Star Wars one. Next time, maybe.


Enjoy what’s left of the holidays and remember to stay safe – if you drink, don’t drive 😛