About the comic:

Heroes (or not) is a webcomic set in a fantasy setting and centers around a loose party of adventurers from the city of Kingsward. The comic follows their heroic and not-so-heroic antics as they seek fame and fortune for themselves.

The comic updates every Monday.


Materials used in the making of this comic include a Wacom Intuos 5 graphic tablet as  well as the Manga Studio 5 software and lots of caffeine.

The comic runs on WordPress with Comic Easel and is self-hosted.

The font used in the comic is Anime ACE 2 BB by Blambot (© Nate Piekos).


About the author  :

My name is Jean-François, I’m a French-Canadian from Quebec and as a day job I’m a tech support person (don’t worry, I’m not quitting it). I’ve been a fantasy/sci-fi and webcomics enthusiast for many years.  I’m also a tabletop player and GM – it would be a lie to say this doesn’t influence my writing.  Drawing and writing stories were hobbies of mine since I was a kid and I felt now was time to give my own webcomic a shot.  My other hobbies include gaming and gaming more.