A warrior from Bywoods, he is the newest member of Kingsward’s Adventurers Guild, and one Hollgar has already taken a liking to. From what is known about him, he was ranked sergeant in the army of his Lord in his hometown. The circumstances of his departure from this position are yet unknown. Despite a serious personality, he enjoys dark ale moderately and can be quite sociable. As any warrior worth his salt, however, one of the things he enjoys the most is fighting.

Comics: 73
Recent Appearance: Page 81
First Appearance: We have launched!

Thanissa (Thany)

Born in Kingsward’s slums, Thany spent her childhood as a street urchin, doing the best she could to survive off others generosity or picking their pockets. Her admission into the Thieves Guild was only natural. Highly agile and dexterous, she quickly became the go-to girl of her guild to perform burglaries and other tasks that require stealth and skill. Trying to move away from a life of crime, however, Thany sought work at the Adventurers Guild, working as a scout and a messenger, sometimes even as a spy, until the captain of Kingsward’s City Watch, for reasons unknown, threatened Hollgar that he would have him closed if Thany received any work from him, leading to Thany becoming desperate for money. Despite her past as a criminal, she has a good heart and seeks a better life, where she can get close to people for other reasons than their purse.

Comics: 54
Recent Appearance: Page 79
First Appearance: Page 3


A member of a dwindling but proud race of warriors and smiths, Hollgar acts as Guildmaster of Kingsward’s Adventurers Guild. Having himself roamed the land in search of fame and fortune, he is now retired and spends his days operating the Happy Mug Inn (which he owns) as well as managing guild affairs. His inn serves as the headquarters of the Adventurers Guild. Like any good dwarf, he has quite a temper, but he is good-natured and cares about his adventurers as if they were his own children. His dark ale is renowned throughout the kingdom.

Comics: 14
Recent Appearance: Page 68
First Appearance: We have launched!


One of the few elves living in Kingsward, Allynassa is a junior member of the Mages guild and uncharacteristically impetuous for a mage and for an elf. She is often frustrated by the passiveness of her elders and they in turn often criticize her for her lack of patience. Mistaking her lack of patience for a lack of skill and knowledge could be a fatal mistake however.

Comics: 14
Recent Appearance: Page 54 - Entrance
First Appearance: Page 27


Hailing from the desert far to the South-West, Brakkila has wandered the land in search for adventure for longer than her age would suggest. A skilled a headstrong warrior, she never runs away from a fight, especially if it involves goblins. Beyond that, little is in fact known about her.

Comics: 14
Recent Appearance: Page 79
First Appearance: Page 33


Comics: 11
Recent Appearance: Page 67
First Appearance: Page 55 - Instructions


A priest from a relatively recent, and quite singular religion, the cult of Bor'Talasis, supposedly the god of Apathy. As his religion requires, he is usually emotionless, calm, hard to bring to anger and harder to jolt into action.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: Page 44 - ZAP!
First Appearance: Page 33


Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Page 81
First Appearance: Page 80

Vordhas (off screen)

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Page 62